Witch Solution

2015 ed., printed on orange paper.

Witch Solution is a little trick or treat story poem that I wrote, printed, and passed out a few copies in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, just before Halloween in 2015.

The 2018 mini-chapbook edition has been revised. I edited the story, rewrote some sections to eliminate “word rocks” so the reading will flow smoother, and changed her name because her original Celtic name was hard to pronounce. Anything that slows or stops a reader mid-sentence is a word rock.

Here’s a cropped image of the first two pages, if you want to read an excerpt:

And here’s what the 2018 edition PDF looks like rotated after printing at actual size:
Clicking on an image will zoom it up big enough to read. Of course, half of it is upside down so it will be right side up after folding. The PDF is free to download if you want to print & fold your own copy.

Here’s the PDF link:  WitchSolution.pdf 

“How to fold” instructions, if needed, can be found HERE.

Thanks for reading!