SALE: Strong Fridge Magnets

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These are “leftover” 1.25″ button magnets made to sell at local venues. I have no plans to set up again (my health won’t let me) and the buttons I sell on Etsy are made to order… I cannot sell these magnets as brand new buttons because they were displayed in the trays, exposed to the open air, and handled by shoppers. Some have minor scuffs on the shiny mylar surface.

They are still good buttons… nice and strong, too. One magnet can hold up to 6 sheets of 20 lb paper on your fridge, if placed ye near the center (as shown in photo… If too close to a corner or edge, it will slide) and that is because I made them strong with thick “full back” rubber magnets. They cost more to make than the standard method of making magnet buttons in this size, but the extra strength is worth it… who wants a wimpy fridge magnet?

So… what should I do? Package them into sets of 6 to be sold at a clearance price, say $2.89 online? ┬áThat’s ye cost to make, when buying supplies in small quantities, plus PayPal fee. Or, offer “Random Dozen” for five bones? I’m thinking most people like to see at least a photo of what they are buying… not too many are into mystery packages.

If you want any, let me know… shipping weight is ye 3 oz per 6 magnets, so postage would be less than $3 to most USA addresses. Thank you!