Zazzle Thoughts

What do you think? It is a good idea to offer my art on Zazzle products, where shoppers can customize the design, add text or whatever?

The link will take you right to the page… my store there is not open to the public yet.

I started playing on Zazzle with some of my original button designs, thought it would be fun to offer other round products (like earrings and cuff links instead of just buttons) but things keep disappearing… reading the agreements tells me that they will delete products that are poorly described or violate copyright rules. Maybe they think my original clipart crosses and peace signs are stolen designs?

I don’t know… so, I’m starting with art.

Vendor Buttons

Sample Buttons

Twirling ideas… if your church, school, or organization hosts an annual craft show or other event, custom buttons for the staff or volunteers will make it easier for customers and vendors alike to locate someone if they need assistance. Of course, they can be customized with your logo, photo, clip art, backgrounds, text, &c. Each button can be personalized, if you want the buttons to be name badges, too.

Adding a button to your vendor packets will also make it easy for staff to quickly ID your vendors, if you are offering perks like free coffee or food discounts to vendors. It also helps the customers know who to talk to, if there are several people hanging around a booth. Plus it is a nice little keepsake sure to bring a smile.

Suggested size, based on a previous order, is 2.25″ for staff buttons and 1.25″ for vendor buttons.  Another idea is to design the staff buttons so they can be worn for other events.

As for the “snow removal” button… just twirling ideas for small biz fridge magnets, too.

NOTE: clip art featured on sample buttons is from

Pet Buttons


Petey is a good old dog. He lives with Joe in Boardman, Ohio. We were duplex neighbors when we all lived in Struthers. Joe granted permission for Petey to model “Fun Size” Pet Buttons so you can see that pets are great subjects for photo buttons.

“Fun Size” buttons are 1.25″ dia. Back options include pins, fridge magnets, and flat back tokens. The metal back on tokens is steel color. In the photo, it looks black… I did not want to photo-shop the buttons, but I did white-wash the background and added text.

Tokens are made to be glued onto things. They’re great for craft projects, greeting cards, all sorts of things. For the samples, I used hot glue to attach a token to a badge reel and double-sticky foam tape to make a planter stick. The two unattached to anything have strong ceramic magnets hidden inside.

Something else I like about tokens… I can hide things inside. Of course, the contents must be added while the button is in the press and the only way to get it back out again is to destroy the button. There is enough space inside for a little note, a lucky coin, or whatever is small enough to fit in there.

The larger 2.25″ buttons can also make nice pet photo buttons. Text is optional.

Thanks for reading!

I think I can post this now as Joe should have received his package in the mail today.

I did not tell him about the token buttons. I also remodeled his badge reel sample, replaced the plastic strap with a detachable mini key ring, as the badge reels purchased online failed my quality control testing. I was thinking of offering badge reels as a product option, but some of those straps only have about a one snap life. So, I just sell the tokens and people can glue them onto whatever they want.

Along with the pet button samples, Joe also got a surprise button because found one of the misspelled words in Youngstown and commented about it on my Facebook page.