Mag Sets

When eBay offered 100 free listings to entice me back, I put 30 pieces of art up for auction and decided to test the eBay waters, so to speak,  with 50 buy-now listings for button products.  It is not the best venue for low-end items, what little profit there is consumed by fees, but I’m thinking eBay is good place to sell off those “leftover” buttons made for local venues.

I sorted out the trays of  1.25″ magnets yesterday, tossing out the worst and packaging the rest up as (mostly) sets of 8… decided to sell them as “used” since they were transported repeatedly and displayed at outdoor venues in open trays. Some look new, fresh off the button press, but too many have minor scuffs on the shiny mylar surface to call them new.  I created a few sets the same so one listing could have a quantity of 2 or 3.  I’m still debating if they should go up for 7 day auction, with opening bids of 99 cents, or if I should just post them as 30 day buy-now items.

I photographed each set with the camera on my cell phone before packaging, then emailed the photos to myself… it’s faster and easier than trying to upload via a cord to this computer.

Want a sneak peek before the listings go up?

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One of the photos shows how they are packaged… thinking ahead for mailing since the USPS has rules for magnets.  They must not be able to move a compass needle… so they’re packaged back to back on a strip of paper (to keep them lined up) inside 2″ wide cello bags, then they will be wrapped in bubble wrap and cardstock to further insulate the magnetization before tucking inside padded mailers.

I’ve always had better luck selling on eBay than anywhere else, even had a little eBay store years ago,  and still occasionally sell off a few things… mostly some tools and odd junk. When you consider that I’ve sold over 3,000 items on eBay (a lot of repeat customers when I sold jewelry making supplies, so my feedback score is only 2,000 something) as compared to less than 50 on Etsy, it sounds like an easy decisions… eBay should be my main selling venue.

So, test the waters… will my buttons sell on eBay?

For the curious, here’s a link to my eBay profile page:

Thanks for reading!



ACEO Preview

Here is a sneak peek of ACEO size art available for purchase… some are listed on Etsy. All are ORIGINALS – not copies, not prints – and most are colored pencil drawings.

Please know that all images in this gallery were scanned… not all colors scan well, especially some of those blues. If they look familiar, my “Artsy Buttons” are made with scans of some of my drawings. I have also posted photos of my art online in various places, including Facebook and my “old” WordPress blog, BeesATC.

With the exception of #319 Yellow Man, my art this size is numbered in the order created. (I don’t remember why Yellow Man got 319, maybe I forgot to number it or accidentally gave it a “used” number.) The number is just for my own records. I’m anal like that.

Each measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches, which is the same size as a baseball card.
Each is matted 5 x 7 inches, so they ship ready to frame.
Each is signed on the front with my artist symbol.

Some are available for purchase on Etsy. If what you want is not there, drop me a note… it might still be here. Thank you!