FYI: Cloudy Vision

I shall not be doing any new designs for a bit… I had a wee stroke just before Thanksgiving that affected the vision in my right eye. Right now, it is like trying to see through frost on a windshield at sunrise on a wintry day, only the frost is gray instead of white. Some areas have that fine crystallized pattern thing going on and I can see between the frost. Other areas are blotchy, like pale gray clouds that I cannot see through at all. Hopefully, it will clear up on it’s own… I have an appointment with an eye specialist, so maybe there is something they can do about it. Anyways, I’m letting you know because it is hard to look at my computer monitor. I can deal with small screens, like on my cell phone, but it might be awhile before I’m able to do things like remove backgrounds for photo buttons with graphic design software.

In the meanwhile, I can still play with pencils… who can say no when a four year old asks, “can we draw pictures?”


Just playing… doodle drawing pictures… this one is mine.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE:  I spoke too soon… oh to have frost again! A black night sky, speckled with tiny dots of light that resemble far away stars, replaced the frost on Saturday. I so hope it clears again and/or that eye specialist can fix it.