Me, the Bee


Hi, my name is Nancy Barnes. I’m the B of YBWorks.

YBWorks stands for “why B works” because I lost a chunk of my “me” when life spun on a dime. It’s like one day, I was a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker with a techie degree, had skills, could travel, one employable bee. Then bam…  I’m a disabled non-driver dealing with chronic pain, depression, and perks like limited mobility. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

Art pretty much saved my life. I took up colored pencils because it was a dry medium that did not require much body movement. I could zone into imaginary worlds deep enough to take my mind off the pain. Everything comes out in the art, so some of my drawings are a bit bizarre… it’s just pain, not insanity.  And, I’m NOT whining, just stating.

That’s life… we each have to play the hand as dealt, eh?

Then I started dreaming out loud, got a couple machines and tried to launch a little button business, got reeled in by reality, then more health complications. A mini-stroke in 2016 blinded my right eye, which skewed my world slightly off kilter (broke a lot of coffee cups before learning to feel for table edges instead of just trusting my vision) and still, life goes on… so what’s next? I don’t know. All I can do is roll with what comes.

I have a rough draft of a book in a box… maybe I should write while I can?

So, here I am… revamping this blog a bit, changing the focus by blowing off old posts that heavily promoted the button biz so it can become a space that feels good to write in.

Thanks for reading!