Me, the Bee


Hi, my name is Nancy Barnes. I’m the B of YBWorks.

YBWorks stands for “why B works” because I lost a chunk of my “me” when life spun on a dime. It’s like one day, I was a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker with a techie degree, had skills, could travel, one employable bee. Then bam… I’m a disabled non-driver dealing with chronic pain, depression, and perks like limited mobility. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

Art pretty much saved my life. I took up colored pencils because it was a dry medium that did not require much body movement. I could zone into imaginary worlds deep enough to take my mind off the pain. Everything comes out in the art, so some of my drawings are a bit bizarre… it’s just pain, not insanity.  And, I’m NOT whining, just stating.

That’s life… we each have to play the hand as dealt, eh?

I started dreaming out loud, got a couple machines and tried to launch a little button business, got reeled in by reality. Then a mini-stroke in 2016 blinded my right eye, which skewed my world slightly off kilter (broke a lot of coffee cups before learning to feel for table edges) and still, life goes on… so what’s next? I don’t know. All I can do is roll with what comes.

UPDATE 2019: I started pouring! My first acrylic pour was a complete disaster, total muddy mix, so I washed off the paint and started again. So much for watching YouTube tutorials. There is a LOT of conflicting information on what you should do OR not do, use OR not use, so I’m just going to play with paint mixture and try whatever.

Now I’m “tidying up” my life… this blog is on the list of the things that needs tending. I’m debating about taking it back to just buttons (stock designs, as I bailed out of the custom button business) and moving art to Mice4Mars.

Thanks for reading!