Witch Solution

2015 ed., printed on orange paper.

Witch Solution is a little trick or treat story poem that I wrote, printed, and passed out a few copies in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, just before Halloween in 2015.

The 2018 mini-chapbook edition has been revised. I edited the story, rewrote some sections to eliminate “word rocks” so the reading will flow smoother, and changed her name because her original Celtic name was hard to pronounce. Anything that slows or stops a reader mid-sentence is a word rock.

Here’s a cropped image of the first two pages, if you want to read an excerpt:

And here’s what the 2018 edition PDF looks like rotated after printing at actual size:
Clicking on an image will zoom it up big enough to read. Of course, half of it is upside down so it will be right side up after folding. The PDF is free to download if you want to print & fold your own copy.

Here’s the PDF link:  WitchSolution.pdf 

“How to fold” instructions, if needed, can be found HERE.

Thanks for reading!



FAIR WARNING:  The poems in this mini chapbook contain profanity.

I know, mama says you can always choose nicer, softer words…  but, I cannot candy coat raw emotions without denying how I feel. There was nothing nice or soft or gentle about my nephew’s body being discarded like an empty paper cup tossed out of a car in a McDonald’s parking lot.

The second poem is about a girl I knew a few years ago, a neighbor who tried so hard to get clean. She was like a different person, happy and free, until her old dealer showed up in red car. It’s a little hard to avoid people, places, and things when they bring the shit right to your door.

The two poems are interrelated as my nephew had been clean for years. Why would he use again? Did he have a choice?

My father has this theory that some deaths by heroin overdoses are murders that will never be investigated, book closed, wrote off as just another addict OD.  It doesn’t matter how well they got their life together, how much time had passed… assumed moment of weakness, leaving loved ones shocked and confused, looking for answers, something that might make sense.

If you want to read the poems, here are a couple photos of an unfolded chapbook, rotated so you can zoom and read… link to PDF below.

Of course, the chapbook itself is free to download if you want to print & fold your own copy.  Here’s the PDF link: heroin.pdf   (print actual size  & here’s “how to fold” instructions if you need them).

Here’s what it looks like printed & folded:

Yeah, I’m out of colored ink, so the artwork came out black & white. Thanks for reading!


YtownHi, Nancy here… this is Youngstown, as read at Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts on October 7, 2015, so it was typed to fit one sheet of paper, not to look like a pretty poem. If you have old eyes, click on the image to view full size. Thanks for reading!

PS: please excuse the typo’s… there is at least one misspelled word, actually a wrong word due to the wrong vowel. Find it, win a prize? IDK… suppose I could mail a button to the first person who finds it. Please, do NOT leave your address in the comments!