SALE: Strong Fridge Magnets

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These are “leftover” 1.25″ button magnets made to sell at local venues. I have no plans to set up again (my health won’t let me) and the buttons I sell on Etsy are made to order… I cannot sell these magnets as brand new buttons because they were displayed in the trays, exposed to the open air, and handled by shoppers. Some have minor scuffs on the shiny mylar surface.

They are still good buttons… nice and strong, too. One magnet can hold up to 6 sheets of 20 lb paper on your fridge, if placed ye near the center (as shown in photo… If too close to a corner or edge, it will slide) and that is because I made them strong with thick “full back” rubber magnets. They cost more to make than the standard method of making magnet buttons in this size, but the extra strength is worth it… who wants a wimpy fridge magnet?

If you want any, let me know… sale price is 50 cents each, 5.00 a random dozen, no two alike (you can pick a tray, like “all artsy” or “just peace signs” or, if you see something you like, ask if it is still available.  Postage varies per package weight. Tell me how many you want and I can weigh them and give you a quote and then email a PayPal invoice or message a link.

Since they are already made, your package will mail out on the next business day and you will get an email with the tracking number, as well as a big hearty THANK YOU!

Updated Price Chart for Small Orders


Pricing for small orders of custom buttons was adjusted today to sync prices across online selling venues with the added perk of Free Shipping to USA addresses. This raised the price of buying just one by 50 cents, which actually lowered the total price by eliminating the shipping fee.

Discount pricing for quantity purchases remain unchanged.

The chart only goes to 49 because the last price change was to offer 2.25″ buttons with special backs at no additional charge when purchased in small quantities.

Deeper discounts are available for orders of 50 or more buttons and vary per back option.  Email for a quote.

As always, design assistance for custom buttons is free and there are NO hidden fees… no set up fees, no small order surcharges, no proof fees, etc.  And, if you happen to live in Ohio, sales tax is included and will be paid to the state at the rate for your location.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Thank You!

Free Buttons Today

I will be downtown giving away free buttons to “snowflakes” before the GOP candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election arrives here in Youngstown for a political rally today. Yes, he is campaigning already… the man is still stuck in campaign mode, doesn’t know how to BE presidential, or maybe he just needs his ego stroked by 20,000 adoring fans cheering him on as he spews more lies.

Sorry, Trump supporters… everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine.

That’s what makes this country great. We are ALLOWED to HAVE an opinion and our right to voice those opinions is protected by our constitution’s Bill of Rights, which I feel is threatened by a president who demands loyalty to him, the person, instead of loyalty to the constitution.

Quantities of free buttons are limited as I can only afford to give away so many…  if you would like to purchase a set of these buttons, check out the Youngstown Special in my online store. They are also available individually in two sizes, with your choice of back, in a separate listing.

Thanks for reading!