Hi, my name is Nancy and I make buttons in Youngstown, Ohio. If you want to see my stock designs on Etsy, here’s the link:  etsy.com/shops/mice4mars

When I started this, I was dreaming out loud… I’ll make and sell buttons of my own designs both online and at local venues, take orders for custom buttons, reinvest profits into additional machines until I can offer every shape and size, and eventually land in a storefront location as Youngstown Button Works.

Oh yeah, I was totally dreaming.

Reality woke me up. I’m a disabled non-driver who is physically incapable of hitting the festival or craft show routes, Etsy sales are few and far between, and I’m too much of a copyright bitch to make custom buttons for just anyone. Amazing how many people want sports logos, Disney characters, and other images they “found” on the internet. I also encountered what I call “bakery” requests for custom buttons.

Yeah. That’s why I stopped posting adverts and pulled listings for custom buttons off Etsy. I’m a liberal Democrat… if I’m in the custom button business, then I’m obligated to make whatever is requested. I could be sued if I refuse to make buttons that promote Alt-Right views.  I call those “bakery” requests because they ask for something that they know I’ll have to grit my teeth to make, then bail on their orders.

That’s okay… it’s more fun as a hobby biz. I can sell buttons with my own designs online and just make custom buttons for my established customers, friends of friends, &c.


Thanks for reading!