5×5 Pours

Pour 8
Pour 9

Identical elements… different results. Pours 8 and 9 shared the same paint mixtures. Identical grounds were prepped exactly the same. They were poured on the same day, 9 immediately after 8. Technique shifted slightly with my mood, so it came out more floral than horror.

I also tried something new, used tools to manipulate the wet paint. A thin pokey stick (wood skewer from the kitchen) helped bring out the claws and wisps in 8 and pulled stems on 9. I also added drops of paint into paint.

Hey, if you don’t know the rules (and even if you do) you are allowed to break them… do what pleases you. Try whatever. It’s your art.

This is my first go with silicone oil (the recommended additive) and I’m thinking that I kind of like using gun oil instead. Maybe it works better when heat is applied? I priced those handy dandy little torches with the trigger handles while out shopping. It was a nice little kit with various tips for $27 US. I almost bought it, but then remembered that I already have a pencil torch. Of course, I later discovered that mine is out of fluid so I’ll have to try applying heat another day. I also missed the deadline for 5×5 submissions, totally forgot about it until a friend posted photos from the show, so I didn’t donate anything to the YMCA this year. Drats!

Liner Notes

  • PAINT: liquid acrylics (black, white, red, metallic gold)
  • FLOW MEDIUM: diluted Elmer’s Glue-ALL
  • ADDITIVE: Silicone oil
  • GROUND: 5 x 5 inch Ampersand Gesobord
  • HEAT: none
WIP set atop upside down cups on re-purposed foam meat tray

Thanks for looking!

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