Flea Market Saturday

My daughter asked if I would set up with her at Treasure’s Flea Market tomorrow morning. She wants to promote her online boutique, give locals an opportunity to check out the quality of her clothes, maybe make a few sales… so sure, I’ll go… Treasure’s is an indoor flea market located in the old Burlington Coat Factory building in the plaza that is catty across from the Eastwood Mall down there on the strip in Niles, Ohio.  I’ve never been, so it would be good to go, might be fun.

So, what should I take to sell?

I’m thinking buttons, handmade jewelry, maybe some art… it’s a flea market so I could take some odd things, copper hooks, whatever.

It opens at 9am… how long we stay depends on my old bones and how long her husband wants to watch the kids, so we might bail early in the afternoon.

If you are out and about in the area, stop in and say hello!

Handmade copper hooks and garden ornaments.


SUNDAY UPDATE:  well, so much for that… had bins of overstock buttons priced at 25 cents each… cute beaded sterling silver earrings at 5 each, 3 for 12… my daughter had $3 tote bags, new toys, all sorts of things, plus her clothing line… our total sales?  ZERO.


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