Vendor Buttons

Sample Buttons

Twirling ideas… if your church, school, or organization hosts an annual craft show or other event, custom buttons for the staff or volunteers will make it easier for customers and vendors alike to locate someone if they need assistance. Of course, they can be customized with your logo, photo, clip art, backgrounds, text, &c. Each button can be personalized, if you want the buttons to be name badges, too.

Adding a button to your vendor packets will also make it easy for staff to quickly ID your vendors, if you are offering perks like free coffee or food discounts to vendors. It also helps the customers know who to talk to, if there are several people hanging around a booth. Plus it is a nice little keepsake sure to bring a smile.

Suggested size, based on a previous order, is 2.25″ for staff buttons and 1.25″ for vendor buttons.  Another idea is to design the staff buttons so they can be worn for other events.

As for the “snow removal” button… just twirling ideas for small biz fridge magnets, too.

NOTE: clip art featured on sample buttons is from


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