Revamp: 2017 Plan

I’m thinking about changing things as, quite frankly, my little button biz is not doing very well. Custom button orders trickle in slower than molasses in January, just small orders now and then, sometimes for just one or two buttons. Orders for more than 25 are rare. As for selling in person, I’m not physically able to go set up at fairs or festivals or to even hit the craft show routes. About all I could handle was two or three hours at the First Friday Art Walk when I lived downtown. I tried doing a flea market with my daughter, but I was in so much pain that we left before noon.

So, where does that leave me?

It looks like my only option is to sell online. So, that is what I am rethinking… how or where to sell my buttons online.

My experience from years ago, when I sold mostly odd junk and beading supplies online, highly suggests that eBay is the most logical choice. I sold over 3,000 items on eBay, compared to a grand total of 44 on Etsy and, more recently, absolutely zero on Webstore.

Still, selling on eBay was not exactly a profitable venture. I did well on some things and went in the hole on others. I made mistakes, like letting some low ticket items sit on the virtual shelves in my eBay store for so long that the cumulative listing fees exceeded my asking prices.  At the time, I did not pay much attention to the bottom line and it really did not matter because I had a good job. Selling online was a hobby business, something to do for fun. I was playing store, just like I did as a little girl in my grandmother’s garage.

So, will my buttons sell on eBay?

I’m testing the waters by selling off buttons that I made to sell at local events.

Buttons that were just tossed into bins as they were made will be auctioned off in small lots, sets of four or whatever. I considered those to be in “used” condition since they were not individually packaged to protect the mylar from scuffs and scratches. Next, I will list buttons that I did individually package as they were made and see how it goes.

If all goes well, the plan is to open an eBay store in 2017.

In the meanwhile (and for those who don’t care for eBay), I’m posting my 2.25″ button designs in an online store hosted by Square, Inc. Buttons posted there are made to order with the buyer’s choice of back option. There’s a link on my side bar if you care to peek.

Thanks for reading!


UPDATE March 15, 2017:

That little stroke I had in November slowed me down a bit… I also did the math and decided not to open an eBay store at this time as I would have to jack my prices up to cover the fees.  So, I’m in the process of stocking my online store hosted by Square, where buttons will be made to order with your choice of back. Here is a link if you want to see what designs are currently available: 

Pricing is $2 for 2.25″ pins, magnets, and pocket mirrors… key chains and bottle openers are a dollar more… I also included 1.25″ Fun Size pins and magnets on the options list.





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