Hi, Nancy here… this is Youngstown, as read at Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts on October 7, 2015, so it was typed to fit one sheet of paper, not to look like a pretty poem. If you have old eyes, click on the image to view full size. Thanks for reading!

PS: please excuse the typo’s… there is at least one misspelled word, actually a wrong word due to the wrong vowel. Find it, win a prize? IDK… suppose I could mail a button to the first person who finds it. Please, do NOT leave your address in the comments!

UPDATE August 2019: Youngstown, the poem, has been added to my “free to download as a PDF to print & fold your own copy” mini chapbook series of bad poetry. Here’s the link: Ytown.pdf How to fold instructions can be found here. Maybe I should go back and double check to see if I fixed the vowel thing. Humm… maybe another day.


5 thoughts on “Youngstown

  1. Nancy Barnes says:

    My daughter found another typo… so there are at least: one misspelled word, one word with a misspelled letter that is actually a real word, one word that isn’t a real word, and one word that is questionable. In all fairness, since there is more than one error, there can be more than one winner.


  2. Lady Jai says:

    I found it! The typos are: surgical, which Beth found, and constriction instead of construction, and maybe there should be an s on give. Feel free to delete this comment to allow a non-relative to discover these wee errors.


    • Nancy Barnes says:

      There’s still another error or two out there… yes, that give could use an s. I don’t dare open it up for grammar, LOL. BTW, I did wait a day before sharing on Facebook, where my friends and relatives would see it, so I am not going to delete your comment.


  3. Nancy Barnes says:

    Joe W. from Boardman, Ohio, found “foreign” misspelled and commented on my Facebook page last night. That’s one I missed… “i before e except after c” rule does not apply to foreign.


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