After considering opinions from various sources, I have come to the conclusion that my own opinion does not matter – if I do not see something as a hate symbol and other people do, then posting that symbol online is the wrong thing for me to do because, due to the law of attraction (and the ease of internet searches by key words, which is why I am not mentioning the symbol by name), then posting that symbol is like saying that other people’s hate is welcome here. That makes sense to me so I pulled the post.

I also did not like the assumptionĀ that I am racist. Now I have met some racist people and they seriously do not think right. Some got some really wacked ideas, like some actually believe that not all people are human. I’ve also met some “closet racists” who front like they are not racist, and I don’t want lumped in with those people either. Straight up, for me to be racist, I would have to hate my own flesh and blood. That’s not going to happen.


I’ve been wrong, so right me… but I can only right myself. Of course, I have to play with words, so here’s an alternative version.

Wrong #2Thanks for reading!


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