Custom Buttons

photobuttonYour text, graphics, or photo here… need “Save the Date” fridge magnets for a special event? Pins for a family or class reunion? Memorial buttons to commemorate the life of a loved one? Pocket mirror buttons for stocking stuffers, small gifts, or for party favors?

Email or message me on Facebook, let me know what you have in mind. We can work together to create a great button for your special occasion.

OR… if you like to play with graphic design software and wish to DIY your own, email a pdf ready to be printed, cut, and made into buttons. It is a good idea to test print the pdf… if you want to use the same type of high end printers that my graphics are printed on to see if the colors print to your liking, take your pdf file to OfficeMax/Office Depot.

I can also make buttons from “hard copies” (you print your own graphics – full size – do NOT fit or scale) if you are kind of paranoid and don’t want me to have access to your file.

PDF templates for those who like to play with graphic design software:


Local pickup or delivery to local businesses is available in DoYo (downtown Youngstown). If you need a quote with shipping to any USA address and/or sales tax included, please let me know. Thank you!



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