Photo Buttons

There are 2 different ways to make 2.25″ photo buttons:

  1. Cut a perfect 2.250″ circle out of an actual photograph, then put that real photo onto the button. (I have a special paper punch for that.) I call these “BYO Photo Buttons” because you bring your own photos in to be cut and mounted.
  2. Crop a circle out of a digital photograph, scale if needed, add text if desired, create a pdf sheet of the photos for the printers, hop the bus down to Boardman to have the pdf professionally printed, then cut out the printed images and make buttons.

Most people photos are NOT sized right for BYO Photo Buttons, a head is too close to the edge or something, but it is great for vacation shots and other cool pictures. We can use a “view card” to see if it is possible. Please have copies made first… I do not want to cut up your one and only treasured photograph.

Some digital photos are not sized right either… what you want on the button may not be centered.  Some are like this photo of my sister and our beloved Aunt… if I cropped a perfect circle, half my sister’s face would get cut off.  I opted to crop a bigger circle (even though both the top and bottom of the photo did not reach the circle edges) and placed it on a black background, then added words.

And here it is without words… scaled a little larger.

Jai & Betty

Some images scale just fine… no background required. Some need background up the sides.. I try to match colors, if possible. Thing is… I really don’t know until I play. So, if you don’t want any added background, choose a photo with LOTS of space around the main image you want on top of the button.

A word about digital photos: the bigger the better!

That’s bigger as in size and resolution. What looks good on Facebook or your cell phone screen may NOT look good printed on a button… digital images for social media are often a low res, like 72 dpi, so they end up looking grainy or fuzzy when printed.

I’ve done some buttons with cell phone photos that turned out great… it depends on your phone and settings. Go for the best quality. If scanning photos to email, go for high res, like 300 dpi. And size? If you have a choice, scan the largest photo. Yes, a 5×7 or 8×10 will result in a better button than a wallet size photo as buttons always look better if I have to scale images down than what they do if I have to scale up.

Thanks for reading!


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