Sneak Peek: 2.25″ Mirrors


Coming soon… 2.25″ Pins, Magnets, and Pocket Mirrors!

I am waiting for supplies to arrive. In the meanwhile, I am playing with a display template purchased from Templates4Sellers on Etsy.  Of course, I will make a real mirror with the same image to compare, make sure they both look the same.

Yes, I decided to use professional templates for online displays just like the major retailers do… like when you look at a dress online that is available in different fabrics, you click on the swatch and the image shows you what your dress will look like in your choice of fabric.  It is kind of like that, but no clicking involved.  The picture that goes on the button is inserted into the template, then saved as a PNG or JPG file.

Using display templates will save me hours of failed photographic attempts. I am not very good at photographing small shiny objects and, to state the obvious, mirrors are highly reflective. I may use templates for other buttons, too.

Thanks for reading!

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