Free Shipping: Good or Bad Idea?

This is "Set N"

This is “Set N” (click photo to view store listing)

I decided to offer Artsy Button Magnets in small sets of four in my new webstore because one of the decisions I made was to offer free shipping on all fixed priced items. (If I listed individual buttons in the store, I would be selling them for less than the cost of postage.)

Was the free shipping idea a mistake?

I don’t know… when I shop online, I want to know my total cost before I commit to buy anything. I hate when I have to start a check out process at a store website just to see what they will charge me for shipping and I am always a little leery when buying from real people on some websites who promise combined shipping on multiple items as not everyone does it in the way I think it should be done.

I’ve talked to people who say that they only like to shop where free shipping is offered… of course, it is not free. Prices are slightly elevated to cover postage (or some of the postage, in hopes people buy more than one) but free shipping does eliminate the wild card.  The price you see is what you pay, so the choice is a simple yes or no.

If you sell (or buy) online, what are your thoughts on free shipping?

Thanks for reading!

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